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Welcome to Tycon Roofing

Northern Alabama is no stranger to fierce and unpredictable storms, and the expert roofing Athens AL team at Tycon Roofing is ready to defend your home or business against storm damage. 

We know that roofs are a significant investment, so we provide our clients with quality craftsmanship and unbeatable service at an affordable price.

As your full-service roofing company in Athens AL, Tycon Roofing can provide full inspections, repairs, installations, and replacements for homes and commercial buildings alike. With free estimates and insurance claims assistance for storm damage, there’s no better partner in protecting your investment than Tycon Roofing.

We treat your property like we would treat our own and guide you every step of the way throughout the project. This is exactly what has made us the best roofing contractor Athens AL has and your #1 choice.

We are a local roofing company and our quality roofing services in Athens AL are tailored for the specific needs and climate of the area. We understand the local weather, we know what to expect, and we have the expertise and the tools needed to prevent serious damages on your roofs and properties.

We are the Athens AL roofing company that you can trust and rely on every time, no matter the type and scope of your roofing needs.

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What Makes Us Stand Out


✔ We use products from the following manufacturers: OC, TAMKO, CertainTeed & GAF.
✔ We are a Killen True Value supplier.
✔ We are licensed and insured.

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We’re the right choice, but we’ll let our customers tell you why!

Great roofs and top notch customer service.

Quality and professionalism are second to none. You won’t regret using Tycon!

Amazing roofing company. One of the most professional business owners I know. They raise the bar in roofing as far as quality goes. I’d refer TyCon Roofing over any other roofing company in the area hands down.


We had a great experience from start to finish! We are happy with our new roof and pleased with the great customer service.


Top Athens AL Roofing Contractors


Years of experience in the construction and the roofing Athens AL industry have allowed us to gain unparalleled knowledge and a specific skill set needed to tackle any roofing project that comes our way.

Apart from continued training and education, we also put great emphasis on following the latest industry trends, so that we are always equipped with the best technology and the most efficient roofing techniques.

Whether it is a roof repair, roof installation, storm damage restoration or any other type of roofing services, we are the #1 roofing contractor Athens AL has and the roofer you can always turn to. We will get the job done quickly but efficiently, making sure your property is once again fully safe and protected.

In addition to that, we provide you with detailed roof inspections and comprehensive estimates so that you always know exactly where you stand and what work needs to be done on your property.

Our goal is to give our customers full service, so we have all roofing services that you need, including residential roofing, roof repair, roof replacement, roof tear-off, storm damage restoration and commercial roofing.

We strive to provide excellence in everything that we do because our locals deserve only the best. With Tycon Roofing, you can sleep easier at night knowing that we have given you long-lasting and durable protection and that your roof will stand the test of time.

Why Choose Tycon Roofing?


We treat you like family

We are a local Athens AL roofing company that will take care of your needs from start to finish. We treat everyone the same, no matter the type of the project, and give you our undivided attention. We provide honest advice and answers, friendly and open communication, as well as professional and expert service. 


We offer innovative solutions and superior craftsmanship

All our Athens AL roofing contractors are held to the highest of standards and we don’t settle for good or good enough. We follow the industry trends, push our own limits, and aim to give you the best, most efficient solutions and superior craftsmanship in all the projects that we do.


We’ve seen it all

Many years working in this industry have allowed us to gain substantial experience in all types of roofing services Athens AL locals may need. We have installed numerous roofs, dealt with nearly all types of roofing materials, and repaired all scopes of roof and storm damages. Nothing can catch us off guard and we can tackle any roofing project that comes our way.


We give you all – quality, beauty, and affordability

With your best roofing contractor Athens AL, you never have to settle for less than you deserve. We provide you with roofing solutions of the highest quality at the most affordable prices. We will give you a roof that will provide you with unmatched beauty and high functionality at fair and affordable rates in Athens, Decatur, Florence, Huntsville, Madison and Rogersville.

Give us a call today at 256-800-3556 or send us a message and ask for a free roof inspection. We are at your disposal for any roofing service you may need, as well as for any additional questions and information.

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