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Your roof may be at the end of its functional life. It may be experiencing frequent failure and needing repairs more often than before. These are clear signs that your home is up for a roof replacement. Sometimes, a roof replacement is also the best option for homeowners who are looking to sell their property but want to get a little more for it or if their home doesn’t pass inspection and it needs to be done.

No matter the reason you might need a home roof replacement, make sure you call the experts from Tycon Roofing to complete it.

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Roof replacement team at Tycon Roofing is at your service for all residential roofing projects that you may need. When you notice that your roof is starting to fail or that it is nearing the end of its lifespan and requiring a lot of repairs, it is most probably time for a new roof.

Our professional crew is at your disposal for all types of roof replacement jobs. Each member of our crew is highly trained and skilled to finish any job to your utmost satisfaction.

At our roof replacement company, customers always come first and we make sure to consider their needs and recommend them the best roof replacement options. We are familiar with the local weather, climate, and all other important factors that should be considered, and we always base our recommendations and decisions on them.

Even though replacement cost may seem steep to homeowners, we offer very reasonable pricing and the highest quality. Our roofing systems are made to last, they are highly durable and resistant, and it will be an investment that pays off greatly.

Our techniques and roof installation methods follow the latest industry trends, as well as the highest quality standards. Once we complete the installation, you will have a high-performing, efficient roof to last you a lifetime.

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Our Roof Replacement Services

A roof replacement is often recommended if your existing roof has severe water damage, if you’re remodeling your home or if your roof is just old. It will benefit your entire property and it will pay off much more than constant roof repairs.

The team at Tycon Roofing can replace your roof with any material you’d like. We are highly expert and fully certified and we can replace old asphalt shingle roofs with other types of roofing, or old tile roofs with cedar shake roofing, whichever you need and want.


Why Choose Tycon Roofing?

Tycon Roofing is a fully licensed and insured local roofing company and you can be sure that with us, your roof is in the best possible hands.

Our roofing crew has substantial experience and numerous successful roof replacement projects behind them. We put emphasis on continuous improvement, training, and education so that we are always up to date on the newest and most efficient methods and techniques. All of this allows us to provide you with unsurpassed quality of service and the most durable and quality roofing replacement options.

We will always find the best solution for your roof and give you a roofing system that will last you for years and decades to come and it may very well be the last roof you will ever have to replace and install.

Clients are always our no. 1 priority and we work hard to achieve your complete satisfaction and to exceed your expectations. With us, you can expect unmatched customer service and an open line of communication at all times. If you have any questions or want to get acquainted with the roof replacement process, we are happy to answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary information.

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    I have been using this guy for my residential and commercial properties for over 10 years and they have been nothing but outstanding. There work is always quick and efficient. No body better!!!

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    We decided to use them for our roofing needs. It was easier to have it all done by the same company. great job!!

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    Excellent customer service and competitive prices. The quality of roofing material and workmanship is second to none.

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    Very friendly staff with high quality work!! Everything completed in a very timely manner as well!! I would definitely recommend this company!!

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    Very pleased with Tycon roofing. Their work and expertise I would highly recommend

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    They did an excellent job!

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