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Roof inspections are vital to maintaining a long-lasting, durable, and safe roof.

They help us detect problems early on, before they turn into something serious across State of Alabama. Put simply, inspections help save property owners money on roof repairs and maintenance, and they ensure peace of mind, especially during high winds or storms.

During your roof inspection, Tycon Roofing will look for any visible damage from the ground and on the roof itself. Visible damage can include anything from missing or broken shingles to cracked or worn rubber pipe boots around the vent pipes to moss, black algae, or shingles that are buckling or curling. We also look for early signs of a roof leak both inside and outside of your property, including dark areas on ceilings, water stains on pipes that vent the water heater or furnace, or damp spots along fireplaces.

Based on our findings, we’ll recommend the best steps to take next, if necessary, such as roof repairs that need to be addressed right away or residential roofing replacements that will be needed in your near future. We’ll provide you with a thorough, detailed report so you know exactly what we looked at and found throughout the inspection. 


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We Inspected This Customer’s Roof After a Hailstorm 

Came and inspected our house after the hailstorm. They let us know we didn’t need any repairs. Good, honest information from the folks at Tycon Roofing. Not just trying to just sell a roof. Would definitely call them again.


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