Your roofs endure a substantial amount of wear and tear on a daily basis as they are the most exposed parts of your home.

They are also affected by the weather and the elements, including the most extreme types of weather, such as storms.

Precisely for those reasons, a roof should be the strongest part of your home, resistant, durable, sturdy, and high-performing. After all, it protects your entire home from damages, structural issues, and keeps you safe and protected inside.

Extreme weather, however, can sometimes cause serious damage to a roof and result in costly repairs or replacements, especially if the damage is left unnoticed.

That is why it is important to know some of the most common types of storm damage and to find out how they may affect your home. Read on!

Hail Damage

Hail can cause different types and scopes of damage. This usually depends on the size of hail pieces, which can be anything from the size of a pea to a golf ball.

Signs of hail damage on your roof and the rest of your home can sometimes be obvious, but they are usually quite difficult to detect for homeowners. It takes a trained and professional eye to see them.

Some of the more obvious issues can include damaged and cracked shingles after very strong storms, as well as completely missing shingles when the storm is accompanied by high winds.

Apart from that, you may notice dents, dark spots, and circles on the roof, as well as cracked and dented siding.

Other clear signs of hail damage include soft and spongy roof, which is something your experienced Athens AL roofers will inspect when they go up on the roof.

It is very important to call the roofing contractor as soon as possible to take care of the damages before they spread and grow more serious.

Impact Damage

The most common causes of impact damage are usually fallen trees but the damage can be caused by any other bigger objects that fall on your house and roof.

This means that if there are any tall trees around your home or standing very close to it, your home may be at risk during extreme storms. The risk may be even greater if the trees are older, less stable or have long branches overhanging the roof.

Fallen trees can lead to broken and torn off shingles, as well as to bigger holes and cracks in your roof. This, in turn, can cause significant structural damage and lead to leaks.

Impact damage is one of the most obvious types of storm damage and it can be very dangerous as well. Therefore, if anything similar happens to your home, make sure to call in a professional as soon as possible and don’t try to handle it on your own.

Wind Damage

While most roofs are designed to be durable and wind-resistant, sometimes there is not much you can do when extreme weather hits.

Wind storms can cause cracks on your shingles, especially if there is a lot of debris flying around, and this usually affects the edges of the roofs.

High winds and extreme weather conditions are also known to lift entire shingles off, leaving the house vulnerable to leaks and other damages.

You capable Athens AL roofers will know how to deal with these types of damage and minimize them, so make sure to call them once the storm is over.

In Conclusion

Sometimes even the highest-quality roofs can experience damage when the weather is extreme and the storms strong. If your home has been hit, make sure to call Tycon Roofing – storm damage repair Athens AL as soon as possible.

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