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When it comes to residential roofing in Huntsville AL, one of the things many homeowners are trying to achieve is to make their roofs, and with it homes, more energy-efficient. 

While home improvements such as replacing old windows, doors, and heating systems will help in this process, changes to the roof are also crucial. 

Since your roof is in direct contact with the sun’s heat every day, an energy-efficient roof can make a huge difference in the home. 

With an energy-efficient roof, one can achieve cooler indoor temperatures during the summer while benefiting from a decrease in utility bills. 

Energy-efficient residential roofing systems in Huntsville, AL will also help to prevent ice dams as these roofs retain more heat, which can help to melt the snow or ice. 

In addition to them, obtaining a green residential roof in Huntsville can be relatively easy and it does not even have to be costly. Through small improvements, one can create a big difference in the home’s energy usage and energy bills. 

With Tycon Roofing, your number one residential roofing company in Huntsville AL, your property and money are always in the right hands.

We do not only offer many residential roofing options, but we also take enormous pride in maintaining a personal level of communication with our clients. 

Our residential roofing contractors Hunstville AL always strive to provide the best quality residential roofing service using the best materials and carrying out the work at the highest standards.

Being your best local residential roofing contractor in Huntsville, Alabama, it obligates us to take special care and pay remarkable attention to each job that we conduct for our customers. 

All our residential roofing work is guaranteed and comes at an affordable residential roofing cost. You can feel absolutely confident when choosing us as your trusted home roofing contractors Hunstville AL.

Whether you are considering replacing your residential roof or improving it, here are some ways to make your home and roof more efficient in the process.

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Energy Star Rated Roofing Materials

When you think about the sun beating straight down on the roof of your home, it’s pretty obvious why your roof would get extremely hot during that time. Luckily, our Hunstville AL residential roofing company has a solution.

Residential homeowners in Huntsville, AL who are in the process of finding a new roof might want to consider materials that are labeled “ENERGY STAR.” 

Energy Star roofing materials have been tested to make sure the roof performs well and that they contribute to energy savings. They reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in your home instead of absorbing the sun and making your home underneath much harder to keep cool.

If you are going to get a new roof anyway and want to be more energy-efficient, then you might as well opt for residential roofing products like these.

Cool Roof Coating

Metal or flat residential roofing systems in Huntsville can be turned into a cool roof by applying a cool roof coating. 

Cool roof coatings are the best solution for roofs that frequently get sun exposure as they contain ingredients that resist UV rays.

In the humid Alabama climate, homeowners who are considering their Hunstville AL residential roofing options can reduce electricity usage by 15 to 35% during summer by applying a heat-reflective coating to their roof surfaces.

 These coatings are usually best used on low slope or flat roofs. However, before the coating can be applied, it is crucial to make sure that the residential roofing system is free of problems. 

Any ponding, cracks, and dirt should be dealt with first; therefore, a professional residential roofing contractor should inspect your roof beforehand.

Metal Roofing

As very experienced residential roofing contractors Hunstville AL, we know that metal roofing is one of the best choices you can make for your roofing system. Metal roofs are characterized by durability, strength, longevity, and low maintenance. 

They can last many decades, providing magnificent resistance to wind and dreadful weather. What makes them even more appealing is that they are fireproof, which is a noteworthy advantage. 

Metal roofs are very energy-efficient, and by being available in plenty of colors, they can easily suit every taste and appeal to just about every homeowner that is looking for the best residential roofing systems in Huntsville AL.

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Lighter Roof Colors

When choosing new shingles for your residential roof in Huntsville, AL, it is best to pick lighter colored ones if you want the heat to reflect off of your roof. 

Dark shingles will retain heat, which can increase the energy bill each month. Lighter roofs are also usually known for their extended service life. 


Roof Insulation

If it is time to replace your residential roof, then insulation is something to consider since roof cavities can retain heat. 

By adding roof insulation to your residential roofing system in Huntsville, AL, the temperature in the roof cavity can be controlled. Many homes in Huntsville lack energy efficiency precisely due to these uncontrolled temperatures. 

There are various types of insulation one can install in a residential roofing system, including spray polyurethane foam, fiberglass or recycled fiber materials, rigid boards, and wood fiber. 

Insulation will not only prevent excess heat from entering your home, but it will also prevent the heat from escaping during winter. Therefore, it is an excellent energy-efficient adjustment that can be made and that will be beneficial for both winter and summer. 

Roof Ventilation

Our residential roofing company Hunstville AL can install a roof ventilation system that will provide a continual flow of air through your attic, helping remove overheated air and moisture from the attic and roof system.

Ventilation is essential for the energy efficiency of your roof. It will extend the roof’s life, reduce the impact of changing temperatures inside and outside your home, and reduce energy bills when done correctly. It will also help keep the roof deck evenly cool during wintertime so that snow doesn’t melt on the roof and then refreeze into ice dams.


Fix Roof Leaks 

Problems like roof leaks can directly affect the energy efficiency in your home. Water that enters through the roof can damage the roofing structure and the roof insulation, which will then be unable to insulate your home as it used to. 

Therefore, it is crucial to act once you spot signs of a roof leak and call a residential roofing contractor in Huntsville AL to fix the problem. 

Brown spots on the ceiling, an increase in energy bills, and a moldy smell can all be signs of a leak on your residential roof in Huntsville, AL.

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In many cases, all it takes to improve the energy efficiency in your home is a few upgrades to your existing residential roofing in Huntsville, AL. 

However, if you are installing a new roof, it is vital to keep some of the factors we described in mind so that you can have an energy-efficient roof from the start. 

Make sure to choose a certified roofing contractor in Huntsville AL as any errors from a sloppy job can negatively affect the entire roofing structure. A professional will be able to provide you with the best roofing solution for your home, one that is durable and energy-efficient.